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Hello! I'm Alexis, and I'm a Squarespace designer.

I love this platform. I believe it offers the fastest, most accessible, and often most affordable way for my clients to make a professional first impression online.

On Squarespace, there's no running plugin updates on the backend, because Squarespace takes care of all of that. There's no waiting on your designer to get back to you whenever you need to swap a photo out, change a price, or take down a product, because you're in total control.

Not to mention your pages still look great when viewed on phones or tablets, and whether you're a blogger, personality, brick-and-mortar, or e-commerce business, there's a way to set up a site that will scale with your bigger vision and growing revenue.

Sound like something you need? Let's chat.


"Once you're crystal clear on whom you serve
and how you'll make money, the next thing you need
is a website that sells, and doesn't suck."

—Marie Forleo



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+ You want to be able to update your own site easily and often once it is live.

Hiring a pro designer is always a good idea when you're setting the foundation for a dynamic, modern website that previews the experience of your brand.

However, if you want to take the wheel after that foundation is set, updating your own text, photos, and other visual elements, Squarespace is a top-notch option that allows you to see the changes you make in context, without any prior knowledge of code.

+ You count on building a relationship with your audience to also build your revenue.

Every Squarespace site starts with a template that has been pre-designed to pull visitors into an immersive experience. This means it's hard to leave a Squarespace site once you're on it... making Squarespace a great space for personality- and art-based brands!

+ Your brand is heavily content-driven.

If you're looking for a way to display mass amounts of blog posts, videos, photos, or other media without your site becoming overwhelming or dry, Squarespace is the place for your business.

Many of the top influencer and millennial brands are hosted on Squarespace, including Create & Cultivate!

+ MailChimp is your primary CRM.

Squarespace integrates flawlessly with MailChimp's customer relationship management software. Brand your email newsletter opt-in on any page of your Squarespace site to follow up with, and build Know, Like, and Trust with your audience.

+ Your target audience spends a lot of time online.

The aesthetic and mechanics of Squarespace appeal to audiences that typically fall under the age of 40 and spend much of their time on phones, tablets, and computers for both work and play.

These types of customers are used to responsive designs (meaning the design changes to fit the width of the screen), moving elements (such as slideshows), and site elements that are layered, rather than linear—all of which are trademark aspects of Squarespace design.

+ You expect your website to be as active as a team member in terms of bringing new people into your business.

Marie Forleo likes to say, "Your website should be your best unpaid salesperson in your business!"

If you expect your site to do a lot of the heavy-lifting in your company, you need a site that won't remain static; has the capability to auto-populate its own pages based on your activity; bring new subscribers to your email list; communicate expectations to potential clients; and build relationship with new visitors.

Squarespace has planned for all these jobs and more, so if that sounds like what you need, let's talk!

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When your website can get new people in the door,
you don't have to worry as much about marketing.


make it impossible for them to say no.

When I visit a new town, the first thing I do is run a search for a decent coffee shop. Since my background is in coffee, my standards are high and kind-of specific. I’ll click through results on Google until I find a place that meets all my criteria—and even if that coffee shop is thirty minutes out of the way from where I’m headed, that’s where I’ll go for my morning jolt. 

How do I know which coffee shop is going to offer exactly what I want? The menu and the web presence are the two biggest tell-tale signs. Coffee shops that aren’t keeping pace with the most current brewing methods are still likely to be offering cappuccinos in small, medium, and large, without a cortado option in sight… and their websites are likely to look really dated. 

The wrong coffee shop for me will still be using small, dark photos on its site, and the few that are there won't tell much of a story. Maybe there will be a couple shots of the exterior of the business, or worse, the interior when no one is in it.

The best thing a coffee shop can do to sell me on the experience is to offer up-close-and-personal details of what’s going on there. I mean photos of tattooed baristas, in sharp-looking aprons, pouring milk as thick and smooth as wet paint over stripy espresso—and the smaller the cup the better. I want to see bags of coffee with the roast date stamped right there on the front label. I want to see photos of folks in their thirties working the counter, because coffee was their career choice and they take it seriously.

The modern website is the new business card—only a thousand times better, because it can be accessed anywhere at any time by anyone, and it can tell a much more complete story than a 3"X2" piece of cardstock. With the right design, images, and copy, it can be used to draw the right kinds of clients from the far corners of the earth, or your own neighborhood.

People are picky about where they spend their money—like me in coffee shops. Make it an easy "yes" for them to do it at your business. If you want to look legit to the right people, then let's talk.

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Holistically Inspired blog

ATG Work: Web build-out, photos, visual identity/branding (design in collaboration with Go Live HQ)

Business summary: The health and wellness blog associated with Holly Pelletier Acupuncture of Maine and Massachusetts, Holistically Inspired offers healthful recipes, accessible yoga flow, acupressure teaching, and mental wellbeing posts for people of all walks of life.

This project posed a unique challenge because: This was the second location for the Holistically Inspired blog. I was tasked with transferring all the posts from the old location to the new location. Additionally, the domain for the blog changed, so together with Holly, the blog owner, we figured out how to keep all her previous traffic when she switched sites!


Native Coffee + Kitchen


ATG Work: Web design, photos, copy (logo outsourced elsewhere)

Business summary: A third-wave café in Rye, New Hampshire, offering an eclectic mix of high-end coffee, MEM Teas, homemade gourmet pastries, and sandwiches made with real, rich, local ingredients. Top food and coffee talent hired for a very well-received launch!

This project posed unique challenges because: The business was running full-steam to open for summer, and owners Josh and Christina had put off their web design again and again until suddenly, Grand Opening was around the corner and they needed a site.

The GM at the time had my name and reached out to me. I was available, and with a lot of hard work and determination, we got the couple's dream website online in—yes—just 3 days! 


Note: All sites built by ATG come with a video tutorial on how to maintain and update. The NCK site has evolved greatly since launching and no longer accurately reflects the original design.

Other Places You May Have Seen ATG


I do not feature all web designs I've worked on, for a variety of reasons.
Here is a short list of other websites I've contributed to or worked on. Many of them are not an accurate reflection of my typical work, and I share them for the sole purposes of illustrating that I've worked with many companies in a range of industries.



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