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A 2-Day Virtual Workshop for
Building & Scaling a Squarespace Web Design Company

with Alexis the Greek



• Build a business backend that hums •
• Set clear expectations with your clients •
• Get paid enough to live, even when projects go long •
• Up-level your design capability & knowledge •
• Circumvent barters and requests for free services •
• Establish the workflow that works for you and your price model •
• Choose the right templates for your clients •
~ and more ~

… inside Squarespace Designer Intensive




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DAY ONE: A Solid Foundation

Seminar 1: Client Communications

  • Control the conversation & expectations from the start

  • Start with ATG email templates for every step of the design process, from first inquiry to invoicing to post-launch follow-up and testimonial requests

  • Learn how to communicate pricing in a way that is non-negotiable and doesn’t make you uncomfortable each time you do it

Seminar 2: Pricing

  • Matching the experience you want to create, the people you want to work with, and your quality of life to a dollar number that covers everything

  • Costs to factor into all packages versus “additional fees”

  • Friends & family pricing: Whether or not to offer it, and how to go about it if you do

Seminar 3: Positioning & Marketing

  • Which types of businesses are right for Squarespace?

  • Identifying whom you wish to work with, and how to attract as many clients as possible in that niche

  • What to avoid on your own site (and other marketing materials) so you don’t attract incompatible clients

  • Why you don’t need a massive social following or email list to attract clients (plus: how to use your platform, big or small)

  • Free and paid advertising options

Seminar 4: Getting & Staying Organized

  • Learn to balance multiple projects

  • Tips for creating and sticking to a timeline

  • What you can automate to keep the experience top-notch from start to finish for your clients

  • Tracking costs

Seminar 5: Everything from Payment Plans to Customized Confirmation Emails

  • All the “little things” you don’t think about when you start a design business, including setting up a privacy policy, taking weekly or monthly payments, and more


DAY TWO: Designing on Squarespace

Seminar 1: Web Design Basics

  • The one thing every website needs, regardless of size or industry

  • The four pillars of EVERY successful website

  • The Storybook Method: Keep visitors “turning the pages”

  • CTAs, SEO, and layout best practices

Seminar 2: Squarespace Quirks

  • Why “responsive” doesn’t automatically make your design mobile-friendly, and how to fix that

  • Building a site and protecting your work: It’s not like WordPress

  • How to coach your clients to update their Squarespace sites if they don’t keep you on retainer

Seminar 3: The 5 Templates I Always Use & When to Use Each

  • Pick the right template for each client’s needs

  • Maximize the potential of each template

  • Unlock features inside the Style Editor

Seminar 4: Making the Most of a Personal Plan

  • 9 Built-in or free ways to make the most basic Squarespace subscription look professional and high-level

  • Pro secrets for adding dynamic elements that don’t require special coding knowledge

Seminar 5: Making Even More with a Business Plan

  • 5 Most common coding changes I make to up-level a site (yes, you will receive access to the actual codes for your own use!)

  • Additional features to take advantage of with a business plan

  • Handy tool for customizing specific “blocks”

Final seminar: Custom Requests & How to Handle Them

  • My top 3 big customization requests & what I learned from them

  • 5 Free and paid resources for customizing a Squarespace site to do more than it was originally designed to do

  • How to spot a “red flag” client before you’re bound by contract

  • When Squarespace isn’t the right choice for a client


*All seminars are followed with a live Q & A, and the entire intensive is concluded with a “happy hour” virtual celebration and wrap-up (bring your own cocktail!)



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+ What if I can't attend all/part of the workshop?

Not a problem. By enrolling, you acquire access to both the virtual lounge, which is accessible after the workshop indefinitely, and the private Facebook group, which is also not designed to expire.

If you are unable to attend a live Q & A, you can still submit a question, which might be answered on the call. Since the calls take place on Facebook, they are auto-recorded, and will be accessible to watch when you have more availability.

+ Is it possible to enroll for just one day of the workshop?

At this time, the two days of the workshop are informationally integrated, and therefore it is not possible to enroll for just one of the two days.

If one of the days seems more aligned with your current goals, feel free to attend that day alone for now, knowing you have access to the other lounge videos and Q & A recordings to view at a later time if you desire.

+ May I buy a seat at this workshop for a member of my team?

You certainly may. When this team member requests to join the private Facebook group, he or she will have to supply the name and/or email address of the person who paid for the class in order to verify eligibility for entry, so please supply your team member with this information ahead of time.

+ What materials do I need for this workshop?

To attend and participate, you need a valid email address and a good internet connection. Other materials that you may want to integrate into your design business will be detailed in the workshop, but they will not be necessary for the seminars or Q & A calls.

+ I've been designing on Squarespace for a while. Will I benefit from this workshop?

I truly believe any Squarespace designer who attends will glean new insight that will prove worth the investment within a short time. Given the price point of web design work, if you implement even one or two lessons from this intensive, you ought to make your investment back within one design project.

Remember that this workshop touches both on the business and design sides of freelance or agency design work. If you struggle with poor client communication, projects that stretch out over unexpectedly great lengths of time, an inability to attract clients in your target market, matching your capability on Squarespace to that of a designer on WordPress, copy, or more, you will benefit from this workshop.

+ Will we be making all these changes to our businesses and offerings within the two days of the workshop?

No. You will gain a lot of clarity and have many, many goals at the end of this intensive, but you will not be able to implement in two days what you will learn in two days.

I actually recommend that attendees take a day of rest after the intensive. It's an overwhelming weekend in the sense that a lot of information will come at you at once. Then, if possible, take another day within the week to start making the changes suggested. You want to maintain momentum from the workshop, but keep your expectations in check.

+ Will you, Alexis, be available for further support after the workshop has concluded?

Squarespace Designer Intensive is a self-contained workshop, meaning once the final Q & A call is wrapped up, the workshop has fully concluded. However, you will continue to have access to the Facebook group, where you can ask other designers for input on specific design and business questions!

+ How does a virtual workshop work?

Click here to find out!

How does a virtual workshop work?

Web Design Slide 2a.png

Virtual workshops take place entirely online
. They’re wonderful because they allow people from all over the world to attend, rather than just local competitors.

I host mine on just two platforms to keep it easy: (1) My own private virtual lounge, and (2) Facebook.

You’ll receive a password to join our virtual lounge one day before the workshop begins. For Squarespace Designer Intensive 2018, this means Friday, November 2.

At the same time, you’ll receive a link to join a private Facebook group. You’ll want to access both the lounge and the Facebook group to get the most out of the workshop.

On each day, you’ll follow an itinerary that guides you through seminars in the lounge, and live Q & A on Facebook
. These will be an 8-hour days, so make sure your schedule is clear and that you have plenty of food and water available to sustain you!

Day One of this workshop focuses on setting up a business that doesn’t cause you headaches. 50% of a web design business is business administration, not actual design, and you want this side to run smoothly.

Day Two focuses on maximizing Squarespace’s potential in your designs.

Live Q & A occurs after each seminar. You’ll have time to submit questions beforehand, based on topics covered in the workshop. Even if you miss a seminar or Q & A, you’ll continue to have access indefinitely.



The next Designer Intensive is set for January 2019. Sign up below to be notified of doors opening!