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“When I was on my girls’ trip with Rachel and Jenna, I was telling them that I want to post more on social. I’ve got a lot of stuff to say! But, I said, I just don’t have enough photos. They said, ‘You need to schedule a photographer,
every single month.’

[My first session] went really well. I’m glad I did it. And I’m scheduling next month’s as well. So I want to talk to you about scheduling your next photo shoot.

Listen, I know you don’t want to take more photos; it’s awkward, I get it. However, you need to schedule a photo shoot… Just do it!”

— Amy Porterfield

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Social Subscription Photography with Alexis The Greek


  • someone walking into your business and saying, "I found you on Instagram, and I just had to come in!"

  • seeing international travelers in your business all the time, because your restaurant, boutique, spa, or B&B was known all over the world.

  • landing magazine covers, online placement on huge hubs, and TV interviews because what you are doing has gone viral.

  • having your pick of speaking opportunities, collaborations, sponsorships, and cross-promotions, because everyone wants to have a small part in your story…


Social media is a game-changer.
Are you doing everything you can to harness its power?


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Social Subscription Photography with Alexis The Greek

Half the Battle

Half the battle on social media is getting people to notice you. The human brain can process pictures 60,000X faster than it can read and process text. Stand-out images are the start of a successful social strategy.

Social Subscription Photography with Alexis The Greek

Getting People to Recognize You

Ever notice how sometimes you can tell who posted something you see on social media, even before you read who posted it? That's visual branding. Have you trained your audience to think of you when they see certain visual cues?


Tell Your Story

You can use social media to "pre-create" the experience you want your customers to have. Tell them a story, and they won't be able to resist coming in to live that story out.

Build a Tribe

The best free marketing is the kind your audience does for you. Provide beautiful, valuable content consistently and discover the power of a tribe—people who sing your praises from the rooftops, share everything you create, and send new people your way.

Grow Over Time

Inspire, pour into, and engage your audience over time, and you will build trust. Not only will your free marketing platforms grow, but when you launch a new product or announce a sale, your customers will be excited to buy from you.

Is It Time for a Social Subscription?
Keep Scrolling...

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A Social Photography Subscription is just that—an affordable way to guarantee clean, cohesive, and professional photography for your social platforms every month.

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The Struggle Is Real.

As a former GM of a hoppin' small business, I know the guilt that comes with scheduling time to round up photos for social media. I also know how crucial a solid social presence is in today's business world.

I created the Social Photography Subscription to relieve this tension. A subscription guarantees 2 hours of photography and at least 30 unique images (1 post per day) monthly.

Ready to talk? Reach me here. Not sure yet? Keep scrolling!

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Social Photography Subscriptions with Alexis The Greek

Do People Notice Your Photos?

One of my biggest triumphs as a business photographer came when a subscription client told me, "I get twice as many 'likes' on the photos you take for me."

This wasn't a triumph just because she made me blush. It was a triumph because higher engagement on social media = more exposure for your business

Every social platform worth mentioning decides what its users see by way of algorithms, or coding that learns to predict how users will behave. The more often your audience likes, comments on, or shares what you post, the more often the site will "choose" to show your content in their feeds—as well as recommend your business to folks who aren't following you yet.


Social Photography Subscriptions with Alexis The Greek


As with anything creative, learning to recognize opportunities to reach your audience through social media is a skill that's acquired by practice. The more you post, the easier it becomes.

But what if you don't have time to practice? Running a business demands 30 hours of your 24-hour day, and it's very taxing on the brain. When you have time to snap a few photos, my bet is your creative energy is already tapped.

Bring me in each month to supply you with enough photos to post once a day. Then just pick your hashtag and make a habit to post on Facebook or Instagram at the same time every morning. It'll take you less than 5 minutes a day, but take your social strategy from 0 to 60 in no time at all...

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"How can I use my subscription?"

Although I call this a "Social Photography Subscription," you can use this subscription for anything in your business: ads, posters, email blasts, catalog listings, blog posts—the sky is the limit.

Hiring a photographer for any project who isn't regularly in your business and familiar with your brand requires research, a lot of time, and usually a healthy sum of money.

A Social Photography Subscription, on the other hand, starts at $275 monthly.* That's like getting one paid hour of professional photography every month to keep your customers apprised of what's going on—and another hour for free.

*For styled subscriptions with models and props, subscriptions start at $375.

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"How will it work?"

I put together the Social Photography Subscription the way I wished someone had created this kind of service when I was the GM of a small business, because I wanted it to be the easiest decision you'd ever make.

We will meet up once for coffee and talk about your goals. I'll learn about your company, and the story you want to tell online.

Then I'll take a walk-through at your business and shake hands and learn names. You'll get a questionnaire to fill out that will help guide my process.

After that, I'll come in for two hours each month (we'll discuss dates), build a catalog of images to last 30 days, edit and resize them for your platforms, and deliver them to you through an easy online portal you probably already use. Easy as pizza.

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Are You Ready
to Up-Level Your Online Presence?

Let's talk.

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How Do I Sign Up?

To set up a no-obligation meet and greet over coffee (you can have whatever you want—I'm getting coffee!), fill out this form and let me know you're interested in a Social Photography Subscription. 

Social Subscription Photography with Alexis The Greek

Is This Subscription Right for Me?

If you live on the New England seacoast (Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts), and you want to dominate Instagram, the blogosphere, Pinterest, or another platform, then yes! You're going to love getting re-inspired each month with fresh images that tell your story.

Social Subscription Photography with Alexis The Greek

What Else Do I Need to Know?

Social strategy is built on specific goals and consistency. The more you know about what you want to accomplish through your social platforms, the easier it will be for me to help you meet your goals! Write down your ideas and bring them with you when we meet for the first time.


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What Platforms Can I Use The Photos For?

Any of them! After we've had our meet-and-greet and you've filled out your questionnaire, I'll know where you intend to post your photos, so I'll make sure they're cropped and sized and organized into folders for every platform you use.

Will You Post the Images for Me?

Posting the images on your platforms is not included in the cost of your subscription. There are a number of reasons I do not offer this as part of the service, but most of them fit under the umbrella that it's too big a job for one person to be in charge of so many businesses’ social strategies, and images can be used so many different ways for different business models and goals. That said, posting ought to be easier than it has ever been, since I crop and size all images according to your social platforms as outlined at our meet-and-greet, so you can see in advance how they will look, and load them quickly without any extra editing!


Who Else Is Using This Service?

Bloggers, practitioners, retailers, and restaurant managers have made use of the Social Photography Subscription. Holly Pelletier Acupuncture is a great example of someone making the most of this subscription—she has used the images for her website updates, blog posts, Instagram, the pop-up opt-in windows on two of her URLs, email blasts, and flyers! It could also be used for Etsy listings, Facebook cover images, inspirational content, and more.

How Quickly Will I Receive My Photos?

We will set up a time that I come every month (such as the first Monday of every month) so that you know when you expect me. From there, it will be 7-8 business days turnaround. (I can sometimes make a rush order for special occasions.) Business managers find that knowing when I will be coming and when the photos will be done helps to add structure to promotions and launches, which is great!


Where Are You? How Far Will You Travel?

I am located right outside of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. As with most of my offerings, I am open to traveling around an hour in any direction (including to Massachusetts) before adding travel fees. Also, if you need product photography, you can mail me the products you want shot, with a brand sheet, and I can take the photos that way!

What Metrics Do You Use to Measure the Success of a Subscription?

This really depends on your goals. Some businesses want to reach 1000 followers on Facebook in order to decrease the cost of the ads they run on that platform. Others want to up-level their blog posts in order to entice more people to sign up for email updates. Some businesses simply want to have a growing collection of stock images to pull from when they need, even though they only post socially twice a week. We will discuss your goals at our meet-and greet!

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Request the Brochure!

ATG offers two distinct subscription options (6-month and 12-month). Each can be customized to your business’s needs (want to split with another business? You can do that! Want to do every-other-month? You can do that, too!). Get all the info by requesting the brochure!

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