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Social Media Photography & Photo Styling
for a Living:
How to Build a Subscription Photography Business from the Ground UP

An 8-part seminar with Alexis The Greek

Discover how to:

  • Generate consistent monthly photography income (using the same model as Alexis The Greek)

  • Position yourself as a photo expert in the realm of social media (even if you’re just starting out)

  • Build a business model that gives you nights and weekends off (if you want them—but who doesn’t, right?)

  • Assemble photography packages that make your future clients say, “This is what I’ve been looking for!” (even if they didn’t know it)

  • Close the sale at in person and via email

  • and so much more!

Coming Soon! Social Media Photography & Photo Styling: How to Make an Honest Living | Alexis The Greek

More about the Signature Presets
from Alexis The Greek!

Get 3 awesome Lightroom desktop presets FOR FREE!
These presets are the start of virtually all the edits made behind the scenes at Alexis The Greek.
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— Los Angeles Summer preset —

Picnic 02 Raw.jpg


Picnic 02 Los Angeles.jpg



Perfect for the bright, sunny days of summer! Take those blue hues and warm them up with the Los Angeles Summer preset. Also great for back-lit images taken inside with natural light!


— Paris Morning preset —


Add a romantic softness to your images with the Paris Morning preset that turns your shadows oh-s0-slightly pink. Great for natural light portraits and photos taken in the shade during that silvery morning light!


— Alexandria Café preset —

Tabletop Raw.jpg


Tabletop Alexandria Café.jpg



Bump up the contrast and boost your colors to pop with the Alexandria Café preset! Named for the beautiful city of Alexandria in VA, this preset was designed with influencers in mind. Great for coffee shops with good natural light!



Even LAYER presets! Alexandria Café & Paris Morning

The first preset you try not quite what you need? Layer Alexis The Greek presets to create a new look! Here’s a great example of applying Alexandria Café and adding Paris Morning on top. Ooh-la-la!



The presets are beautiful and I really enjoy them! I like how clean they are as well as being minimalist! They mesh very well with my own editing style. I have been able to incorporate them into my workflow seamlessly.

— Heather D., Craft & Cluster