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From part-time hobby to full-time career

Don’t have the money for photography school? Or worse, still trying to make a living with the education you got at photography school?

Aching to take your part-time photography passion into a full-time career? Or shift from a high-risk niche into one that’s more creative and relaxed?


You’re in the right place! Social Media Photography & Photo Styling (for a Living) is a weekend-workshop-style seminar for photographers just like you!

Discover where to find repeat business, with clients who don’t have to be rich, so that you need only book 8-12 clients a year and make a consistent living.

Sound too good to be true? It isn’t!
Read on!


The ATG Subscription Photography Method

Alexis The Greek is the original subscription photographer offering more than just stock photos—
and now that model could be yours, too!

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Make Consistent Money

The hardest part of being self-employed as a photographer is the inconsistent paychecks… unless you use ATG’s tried-and-true model!

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Stay Ahead of industry trends

Taking photos for social media is a photography genre all of its own. Learn where to find new trends daily that keep your creativity flowing!

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Cultivate the Life You Want

Work to live, don’t live to work! Discover how to maintain a spacious lifestyle and attract the kinds of clients that add to your quality of life.

 What’s In Store

8 separate digital lessons that culminate in one comprehensive business seminar—just for photographers!

Over 5 hours of exclusive video and audio content from Alexis The Greek

Printable brainstorming sheets to personalize lesson content to your dream business and brand values

Here are just a few things you can expect to take away from this new class from Alexis The Greek!

Social Media Photography & Photo Styling Business Course | Alexis The Greek

In your very first lesson, you will learn…

  • all about positioning yourself as the go-to person for social media photography work

  • how to establish yourself as the expert businesses need to hire if they want to succeed (even if you're not quite an expert—yet!)

  • the biggest mistakes photographers make in marketing themselves, and what you can learn from them to generate business faster

  • the most effective ways Alexis The Greek found to start generating work from day one (psst—they’re not what you’d guess!)

Social Media Photography & Photo Styling Business Course | Alexis The Greek

In lesson two, you will learn…

  • all about getting inside the heads of the clients you want to work with so you can put together packages that make them want to throw their money at you

  • how to use certain trigger words to attract clients instead of repel them (even if the end product is exactly the same)

  • the four heart reasons most businesses will hire a social media photographer (and how you can leverage this to write better copy!)

  • how to choose what you include in your packages, and more!

Social Media Photography & Photo Styling Business Course | Alexis The Greek

In lesson three, you will learn…

  • all about finding that sweet spot between what clients can afford and what you need to make so that both of you grow steadily and go home happy

  • how Alexis The Greek has evolved to eliminate unnecessary steps to streamline business and increase profit margin

  • how Alexis The Greek has expanded offerings over time to meet new demand

  • the many expenses photographers should take into account (this is no cheap business!), and more!

Social Media Photography & Photo Styling Business Course | Alexis The Greek

In lesson four, you will learn…

  • all about the agreements we use at Alexis The Greek to set clear expectations between client and photographer

  • factors to consider in assembling contracts so you can protect your business, joy, and personal life

  • what to do in sticky interpersonal and money situations, such as how to handle late payments, “badgering” clients, and more

  • affordable resources online to get your contracts “lawyer approved” without spending thousands of dollars

Social Media Photography & Photo Styling Business Course | Alexis The Greek

In lesson five, you will learn…

  • the surprising truth about the way Alexis The Greek generates new clients

  • how to create systems, templates, and formulas to expedite the timeline from “initial contact” to “closing the sale”

  • what documents you can create to present yourself as established (even if you’re just starting out) and professional (so you don’t get requests for discounts or free work so you can “gain experience”)

  • free ways to generate “designer” content for potential clients, and more!

Social Media Photography & Photo Styling Business Course | Alexis The Greek

In lesson six, you will learn…

  • the #1 way Alexis The Greek edits people subjects in order to ensure they’re happiest with the photos they receive

  • A peek into how to use the free presets that come with this seminar (that’s right, free!)

  • Hidden gems in Lightroom that can make your subjects look more vibrant and life-like in the final images you deliver


  • Bonus video: How to edit images just for Instagram!

Social Media Photography & Photo Styling Business Course | Alexis The Greek

In lesson seven, you will learn…

  • the resource we use every day at Alexis The Greek to keep a pulse on what photo angles, editing styles, and subject matter are trending on Instagram

  • the hidden feature on Instagram and Facebook that many photographers don’t realize exists (it’s so much easier than clipping magazines for good ideas!)

  • how to find the most currently-trending topics and photo styles on Pinterest

  • … all so you can take current, relevant, and cutting-edge images for your clients!

Social Media Photography & Photo Styling Business Course | Alexis The Greek

In lesson eight, you will learn…

  • 25 free or cheap tools you can keep on hand, in your camera bag or in your car, so that you’re ultra-prepared for every standard or styled photo session

  • all the programs and subscriptions ATG uses to keep the business running smoothly


Every lesson comes with bonus resources so you can dive deeper on the topics at hand—both with Alexis The Greek and other established experts!



+How does this seminar work?

This seminar is self-paced. You receive all lessons, which include 7 videos and one article, immediately with purchase, and you can view the lessons in the order that works best for you. The information is integrational, so the more lessons you view the stronger your understanding and application will be for all other lessons; and yet the lessons also function independently, so you can learn in order of interest or urgency.

As the seminar evolves and updates, you will continue to have access. So long as the information is being provided, your initial purchase will be considered your admission!

+Why is this class so cheap compared to other online business courses?

Gary Vaynerchuk said it best: “There are people that are ripping people off at the level of hundreds of millions of dollars, because they’re selling this dream [of working from the beach] and are making people spend a thousand, two thousand [dollars]. It’s breaking my heart.”

I feel the same way.

It’s my philosophy that the price of a seminar or program like this one should be proportional to the money that you as a student can make right away from the information. In the case of this 8-part seminar, if you’re charging competitive prices as a photographer, what you invest for these 8 lessons will come back to you with the first client you book as a result of what you learn—the first two clients at most!

I’m not promising a get-rich-quick formula that for most people will ultimately fail. I’m sharing the actual structure of the sustainable business model I created for myself as a photographer, because I believe it will truly help other photographers, so long as they are willing to do the work.

The quality of the content is not less than you’d receive with most online photography courses; it’s concentrated and the fluff has been trimmed out so that what you get is the most actionable, useful information possible for starting a social media photography business like the one we use at Alexis The Greek. If you’ve gotten value out of similar classes at twice the price, you’ll be pleased with the value provided for this seminar at a much lower cost.

+How much time will I need to dedicate to this class to get the most out of it?

My own mentor Hilary Rushford astutely pointed out that when it comes to education, “you cannot implement in eight weeks what you learn in eight weeks.” That principle applies to this seminar.

Although the lessons are made available to you immediately and the seminar is self-paced—meaning you could watch all the lessons in a weekend if you chose to—ultimately what’s going to make a difference is the action you take and/or the changes you make as a result of the information provided in the seminar.

It’s safe to say that you’ll need a minimum of twice the time you spend learning the information to implement it. There are over 5 hours of content in the seminar, so if you spend 5 hours on the brainstorming sheets and supplemental resources, and another 5 hours implementing what you learn, you’re looking at 15-20 hours to set up or restructure your business.

+How do I know this class is right for me?

Do any of the following descriptions sound like you?

  • You want to switch from high-risk photo jobs (such as weddings) to something more low-key and creative
  • Right now you only make money during peak photography seasons—such as spring/summer engagement season and senior portrait season—and you’d like a more consistent income
  • You’ve been trying to break into brand photography but feel that no one you’d want to work with is willing to pay what you’re worth
  • Most of your work currently comes from friends, family, and friends of friends or friends of family, and you want to branch out
  • You often end up doing work for free or at a discount
  • You’re highly interested in social media, supporting small business, or both

If one or more sounds like you, this seminar will be great for getting you started or taking you to the next level! Note: This is not a how-to-use-your-DSLR-camera course, or a course that contains specific photo styling lessons. This class is also best for self-starters and photographers who are highly motivated to bring their businesses full-time.

+Do you offer a guarantee?

We have worked hard to present this seminar accurately and fairly prior to sale, so that all potential students can know what to expect inside the seminar and know whether the information is right for their goals.

The information provided in the lessons is a mix of solid, age-old business education and photographer-specific information that we've never seen on the market, and we believe the value provided in any one of the classes will either result in increased bookings or increased client satisfaction worth the cost of the full seminar.

If you watch all the videos within 7 days of purchase and complete all the brainstorming sheets and still feel you did not receive the value promised, you can submit all of your completed brainstorming sheets to hello[at] for a refund. This submission must also be made within 7 days of purchase to be considered valid for the refund. Incomplete brainstorming sheets will not be considered for refund.


 How to Enroll
& What to Expect

Social Media Photography & Photo Styling Business Course | Alexis The Greek

When you click “Join the Seminar” below, you’ll be directed to add this course to a shopping cart.

Once you make a purchase, you’ll receive an email containing digital files for download. You’ll need these to get your access credentials! Download for your seminar link and password.

From there, all you have to do is log in and, if you like, follow Alexis The Greek on Instagram, where you can see the progress other students of the seminar have shared with Alexis, as well as receive encouragement and feedback when you snap your work, as well.

Sound good? Join now!


 Meet Your Hostess

Hi! I’m Alexis, the original Subscription Photographer for Creative Professionals.

The idea to offer photography on subscription came to me in 2015 when I was the GM of a fast-paced business on the coast of Maine, where I would have paid anything to have someone come in a couple times a month to shoot all the photos we’d need for social media for the next 30 days.

Not a year later, I premiered that very service and booked my first paying client almost instantly. I haven’t looked back since!

I’ve worked with doTERRA reps, life coaches, wellness bloggers, Chinese medicine practitioners, Etsy sellers, and more. I’m living my best life! I get to support small businesses in a way I never would have thought possible, I get to add beauty to the world every day, and I live life and work my job on my own terms—no one else’s.

In addition to working as a photographer, I’m an avid reader, podcast-binger, Netflix watcher (makes those editing hours fly by, let me tell ya!), Pinterest-recipe-tester, and blogger. I love kayaking, sitting around a campfire with friends, and visiting new coffee shops with friends and clients alike!

Social Media Photography & Photo Styling Business Course | Alexis The Greek



... Now just $297!

Social Media Photography & Photo Styling Course | Alexis The Greek

Join the seminar now and receive…

  • Immediate access to your student dashboard (an email will be sent containing your digital files)

  • 8 Independent lessons on marketing, pricing, packaging, and building quality contracts for a social media subscription photography business

  • 7 Exclusive videos from Alexis The Greek

  • 4 Brainstorming sheets for customizing the lessons’ content to your brand, target audience, and goals

  • 3 Complimentary signature presets from Alexis The Greek (Los Angeles Summer, Alexandria Café, and Paris Morning)

  • Supplemental resources to dive deeper on the topics from every lesson

  • Access to course information and materials for as long as the seminar exists—no matter how many additions or updates are made!



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