~ with Alexis The Greek ~


Do you work SUPER hard on social media… only to have your engagement fall flat?
Do you feel like just when you start to beat the algorithm, it changes again?
Is “frustration” your middle name as you try to find content to post daily (with no inspiration)?

Girl, do I have the class for you!


Go with me & imagine…

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… having more TRULY ENGAGING photo ideas than you know what to do with


… gaining new followers, profile visits, and website clicks EVERY TIME you post

Photo Shoots with ATG IG.jpg

… amassing a photo bank you can draw from ANY TIME, as needed, no prep necessary


Now imagine…

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… connecting with your ideal clientele on a heart level for deeper impact

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… changing some aspect of society or culture because YOUR brand has real influence

… finally understanding your own brand story with acute clarity

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… being able to scale your business steadily on that brand story


Excellent photos have that power.

And the ATG Blog & Social Photography e-Course is the first step toward excellent photos.

Hi! I’m Alexis, and I’m a Social Media Photographer.

I’ve been doing this for years now, and I can tell you: Social media is THE PLACE businesses connect with new clientele.

Why? Because it’s THE PLACE where basically every human consumer is hanging out. As of 2019, there are:

  • Over 2 billion active monthly users on Facebook

  • 1 billion active monthly users on Instagram

  • 250 million active monthly users on Pinterest

… and statistically, up to 90% of these users are using their social channels to inform their purchases.* Ignoring social media, or choosing to give it only minimal effort, is like saying, “No thanks. I don’t want to double my business.” Does that sound like you? I hope not!

Social Media Photography Course | Alexis The Greek
Social Media Photography Course | Instagram & Pinterest | Alexis The Greek
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How does Alexis The Greek help businesses with their social media?

After years in the photography biz, my most popular service is my Social Photography Subscription—a monthly service in which I take enough photos for a business to post every day on its social channels… with a few leftover to continue to build an on-going photo bank.

Part of that subscription is teaching my clients how to plan interesting photos. I have a handy, fool-proof system for gaining clarity on what photos you’ll need AND for generating so many ideas you could never capture them all.

Being a small company, Alexis The Greek can’t take photos for everyone, everywhere… but we can share our unique knowledge and systems. That’s what the Blog & Social Photography e-Course exists to do.

Could your social media use some TLC? Read on.

 *For more stats on social, visit here and here and here!



What can you expect inside ATG’s signature Blog & Social Photography program?
All this and more.

  • My proven 6-step system for gaining clarity & generating more photo ideas than you’ll know what to do with—including the same questions I ask all Social Subscription Photography clients!

  • 15 Highly-concentrated lessons to teach you the ins-and-outs of

    • Blog photography

    • Instagram photography

    • Pinterest photography

    • Photography for not-photo-specific channels like Facebook

  • Video content from me to simplify the hard stuff

  • Printable exercises to help you gain clarity and get your creative juices flowing

  • Examples and breakdowns of great social media photography from businesses and brands spanning a wide variety of industries

  • Sample strategies to use to boost your blog, Pinterest and Instagram engagement beyond photography



Social Media Photography Course | Alexis The Greek

How to define your long-term goals and eliminate distracting posts from your social strategy

4 Questions to ask to build a photo bank you can draw from any time—no more frantically wondering what to post or last-minute photo staging

Social Media 02a.jpg

How to generate the kinds of photo that stop users from scrolling on Pinterest, Instagram and more

Pro styling and staging techniques to take your photos from hum-drum to Next-Level—a level where they speak directly into your ideal clients’ minds and hearts


How to think like a marketer and work with your social channels’ natural flow (helping to ensure algorithm changes never hit you hard)

All the essential tools I use even as a pro that cost $30 or less and help make my photography brighter, crisper, and more color-balanced, PLUS allow me to format for different social channels

To succeed in this class…


You DON’T need…

  • a fancy DSLR camera (my photos are fancy but I’ll show you why yours don’t have to be!)

  • a massive budget (a phone with a camera and a creative brain will get you started!)

  • knowledge of special programs like Lightroom or Photoshop

  • more than a couple hours a month to dedicate to a social media gameplan


Social Media Photo course with Alexis The Greek

You DO need…

  • discipline to give a few minutes each day to learning the skills and information provided in this course

  • a strong belief that social media can be a powerful tool for growth in your business

  • even just one or two goals for your business that you can use as metrics of your success in this program

  • a readiness to stretch outside your comfort zone and get creative!


 This class is right for…

burnout 4 IG 1000.jpg


  • You’ve been on social for a year or more now and only seen incremental growth

  • You post on social media but you don’t get inquiries, business, or website traffic from it

  • You post in bursts—a week or two of consistent content, followed by weeks (or months) of nothing at all

  • When you hire a photographer, you have to rely on him or her for ideas because you’re not sure what would be best for your needs

How this class will help you: You’ll discover how to eliminate generic ideas that don’t build excitement for your brand, and narrow your focus to the ones that are not only right for you, but can be recreated over and over so you never run out of ideas (or images!).

About Alexis IG.png

THE “Anti-Social”

  • You know your photos are boring, but you when you try to jazz them up, the results are—well, not so jazzy

  • Your brand story feels inconsistent. When you stand back and look at all your photos together, they’re messy, mismatched—too eclectic

  • You don’t include at least one photo in every blog or Facebook post. (What? You didn’t know you needed to? Don’t worry—inside the class I’ll tell you why!)

How this class will help you: You will learn the foundational ideas that led to each platform’s creation, and success. This will allow you to work with the river current of your platforms instead of constantly trying to paddle upstream. You’ll also learn what systems to set into place to make social posting—the right way—part of your regular routine.

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  • You’ve put off getting professional photos because you’re not 100% confident you know what photos will move the needle in your business (or it seems expensive if you’ll only use every photo once)

  • To you, social posting feels like a full-time job… the kind that doesn’t pay very well. You “get” that you need to be doing it, but it doesn’t come naturally to you

  • You sure wish you could post everywhere you want to, daily, without having to pay hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for a professional photographer every month

How this class will help you: You’ll discover how to build a bank of photos you can draw from any time and use over and over in different ways to get the most mileage out of any money you spend with professionals. Also, with my 6-step system for generating ideas, you’ll be able to take photos just 2-3 times a year, saving you money.

Blog & Social Media Photo Class with Alexis The Greek


  • When friends or family ask “how your business is doing,” you feel embarrassed, because you feel it should be doing better than it is by now

  • You aspire to make a living on content creation, including sponsored posts and collaborations with influencers, but you need momentum to get started

  • You could use a bank of photos to pull from spontaneously, or hand off to a social media manager and know every image is on-brand

  • You’re a photographer now and want to be able to charge more for services like social photography retainers and styled shoots

How this class will help you: You won’t have to rely on quote graphics anymore to keep your Instagram profile feeling full. You’ll learn smart habits for building an influential blog and a far-reaching Pinterest strategy. You’ll learn to think like those next-level influencers that are a few years ahead of you in the game as you plan photo sessions, so that you can build confidence with brands and grow your following.



Sound like you? Don’t miss out!



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  • This Is Not a Bowl of Fruit—learning to think outside the box to take more creative and eye-catching images

  • Keeping a Pulse on Photo Trends—free tools I use daily to stay current, relevant, and different

  • Learn to Think Like a Marketer—how social platforms succeed and why their algorithms change (so you can stay ahead of the curve)

  • Done Is Better Than Perfect—debunking common myths so you can create more content to reach more people

  • BONUS: So You Want to Be a Photo Stylist?—tips from a pro

  • BONUS: A Tour of Your Fancy Manual Camera—a short crash course on using a DSLR camera (for beginners)

Ready to Enroll & Get Started?

Hop on board today, just $59.


 Enroll now and immediately receive:

  • Access to your student dashboard

  • 7 exclusive videos from Alexis The Greek

  • The ATG 6-step system for gaining brand clarity, developing realistic goals and action steps, and generating ideas for your photo bank

  • 15 written and photographic lessons to help you better end blogging and social media so you can plan your BEST photos

  • 6 exclusive printables to help keep you on track

  • Valuable marketing insight to transform the way you think about content creation—so no matter what algorithm changes come down the road, you can always adapt

  • Short assignments to stir your creative brain cells—because once you start thinking creatively, it’s hard to stop!

  • Supplemental materials to keep you inspired along the way

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