Ever thought about being a model?


Social media is so integral to business growth today that even the smallest, most localized companies are working to build stronger brand stories by posting on their social channels every day.

Alexis The Greek is the photographer businesses hire to take their social feeds to the next level… because a strong brand is not built on sporadic posting or boring images—it’s built on consistency, creativity, and a clear voice in the community.

ATG needs models for lifestyle brands ranging from fine jewelry to natural beauty products to coffee-for-a-cause and more—because stories need characters, and products need context!

If you think you have what it takes to be a model for restaurants, boutiques, and other businesses on social media, check out our options for models below, and fill out the application form at the bottom of this page to hear from ATG!


Modeling Opportunities
for Burgeoning Micro-influencers 

Are you building a platform that will one day be run on sponsorships from major brands? You need experience and professional photos to use as samples of the kind of work you can do! Consider this:

  • You can build your media kit quickly with actual work you’ve done—with real brands—by modeling for professional campaigns

  • Photos created in collaboration with brands are more meaningful when pitching big companies for campaigns and sponsored posts

  • Professional photos increase engagement on your social channels

  • You don’t have to “fake it” or pay for professional photography in order to start developing a brand voice online—you’ll have access to all your modeling images to use on your own social accounts

Sound like something that could really work for you?




Modeling Opportunities
for Freelance and Amateur Models

Are you trying to build a model portfolio without an agency? There’s never been a better time to do it! Models are needed for all levels of projects in the social media era, not just national campaigns for well-known brands.

  • You could get consistent work each month, instead of waiting for seasonal or annual projects

  • Under the ATG model, you can work with multiple brands in a month, a week, or even a day

  • You can get paid for your unique skill (and in case anyone hasn’t told you: being able to relax in front of the camera, showcase a product, and be creative is a unique skill… that businesses need!)

  • PLUS models at ATG are taken care of on set—not treated like animals or props (I was a model; I remember what it was like…)

Sound like an income strategy that’s right for you?




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What We’re Currently Looking for:

The bulk of ATG work as of summer 2019 is for female models of all sizes, all natural hair colors (colors that are natural to the human race, not necessarily born-with hair color), and all races and ethnicities, between the ages of 21 and 34. Tattoos on arms, legs, and torsos are acceptable in most cases if tattoos are generally “non-offensive” in nature. 

We’re sometimes also in need of men between the ages of 21 and 34, with natural hair colors (colors that are natural to the human race, not necessarily born-with hair color). Tattoos on arms, legs, and torsos are often acceptable and sometimes preferred if tattoos are generally “non-offensive” in nature.



Modeling FAQ

Standing Arrangement 08 IG.jpg


+ What qualifies a person to work for ATG as a micro-influencer?

Micro-influencers are content creators who are actively working to grow the size and quality of their following of one or more platforms in order to attract agencies and brands to collaborate with them to sponsor their content.

At ATG, we measure micro-influencers on the following metrics:

  • Posting consistently on at least one platform at a rate of 2+ times per week
  • A following of between 500 and 3500 on Instagram with a 10%+ engagement rate OR
  • A reach of between 3K and 50K on Pinterest monthly

Facebook metrics are judged on a case-by-case basis.

+ Are micro-influencers paid for their time modeling?

Micro-influencers can opt to work for an hourly rate in lieu of receiving images for their own social media use.

Since the modeling being performed is not designed to be the same as "sponsored content," micro-influencers will not be allowed to use the images if they opt to model at an hourly rate.

The micro-influencer modeling arrangement is designed to give burgeoning influencers the opportunity to work with real brands, access professional photography for free, and legitimately enhance their media kits, all with the end goal of being able to pitch big-name brands for quality sponsorships. Micro-influencers have the unique option to choose between photos and hourly pay, but they cannot do for a single project.

+ Does working for photos mean models get their own photo sessions, or that they get photos from the brands they modeled for?

Micro-influencers who work for photos receive the photos they modeled for.

The benefit of working in exchange for these types of photos is that you can tell future brands you want sponsorships or partnerships with that you've "worked with X brand and Y brand, examples of which appear on my Instagram at [your username here]."

Part of the conditions of using the photos is tagging the brands and photographer you worked with, which adds credibility when pitching to future partners.

+ What if I've never modeled before? Can I still apply? What should I expect?

While it's preferable that ATG be able to see up front how natural you are in front of a camera and hear from references how easily you follow instruction, it's not necessary for you to have experience in order to apply.

Since we need models who portray a variety of unique "looks," we are very open to giving new models a chance in front of the lens if their look fits what we are looking for.

As for what to expect, we have a PDF you can download right now to learn more about how ATG shoots work. The link appears at the bottom of this page.

+ I'm a model that's working with an agency. Am I eligible to work with you?

Yes. ATG works with agencies as well as freelancers. However, only freelancing models should fill out the application on the ATG website, as it may be a violation of your contract with your agent to apply for work independently.

+ How quickly will I be paid for my time modeling?

If you only work one day in a given week, you can expect to be paid same-day for your time. We do not pay in advance. If you work more than once in a week, you can expect to be paid for the sum of your modeling activity at the end of that week.

+ Will I get to take home products?

Sometimes! It is not a guaranteed part of any contract that you will go home with items from a shoot, but occasionally it can be a perk of the job to go home with a thank-you item.

+ What if an image I model for becomes part of a national campaign?

ATG contracts set limitations on images shot with models to ensure that images are not used outside of specific contexts and that models are fairly compensated.

+ Are non-micro-influencers allowed to post photos on their social channels?

No. Freelance models will receive rights to use their modeling images on their printed or digital comp cards and may use Alexis The Greek as a professional reference; however, using the images on personal social channels will be prohibited. This is true even if your social profiles are set to be private.