a template by a photographer
for photographers


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London Fog is a template specifically designed to encourage visitors to inquire.

When I designed this website, I was influenced by three things:

  1. The scalloped detail in this design is inspired by timeless photo albums from the past.

  2. The colors and fonts are inspired by modern wedding invitations—soft and elegant.

  3. The flow of the website is like that of flipping through a storybook; bring visitors through the journey of imagining their own happily-ever-after.

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While you can keep everything about this design as-is if you love it, you can also change pretty much anything. It’s very customizable.

  • Fonts can be changed

  • Colors can be changed

  • You can add or reduce the number of pages

  • Galleries can be displayed 4 different ways

  • You can add e-commerce if you need it

  • Upload your own logo, favicon, and embellishments to personalize

  • Slideshow format and size can be changed

  • & more


While most downloadable web design templates simply come with files and instructions, like all ATG kits, London Fog comes with everything you need to succeed.

  • Video tutorials walk you through each and every step

  • Every step is explained, so that you not only complete it, but understand it and can make changes easily in the future

  • Pro design tips are shared along the way, including how to use Squarespace options to improve SEO

  • Parting wisdom after the last tutorial will help you launch with success

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London Fog might be right for you if… 

  • You need a website you can update on your own

  • The primary goal of your business website is to get visitors to reach out to you

  • You are a photographer or your content is very photo-driven

  • You want to have your website online in less than a week

What You Should Know

  • London Fog requires a Squarespace subscription (not included)

  • London Fog requires Photoshop access (a free trial is fine)

  • The difficulty level for building London Fog is 3 out of 5

  • While designed for photographers, this site design is very intuitive and can work for a myriad of industries!