Learn to Live Stream

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Get past the fear. Stay ahead of the curve.
Build brand confidence. Make money.


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Video is POWERFUL.

The fastest way to make connections online is video. Why? It provides both visual and auditory stimuli, making it more compelling and easier to remember

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Leverage it.

In an era when attention spans are ever-shortening, video still proves to grow engagement over all other forms of media.

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Beat the competition to it.

Live streaming is still in its infancy. Wish you'd gotten in on the ground floor blogging or using YouTube? Don't wait to start live streaming.

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Think like an innovator.

Thought leaders, influencers, and star educators leverage the latest technology to their advantage. Will you be an early adopter of live stream media?

The Learn to Live Stream E-Course

Your fastest, deepest, and most comprehensive path to live stream success.

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Plan content viewers can't resist

The first rule of live stream? Always have something to say! I'll teach you how to create content your ideal clients will go out of their way to hear.

Look polished, poised, & Professional from the start

From what to wear to how to carry yourself to keeping your videos bright and visually on-brand, I'll help you take your live streams from "home video" to "studio set."

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Overcome your stage fright & win over your audience

As with anything, you'll be a little nervous the first time you go live. But with my toolbag for entering the stage with confidence, you'll be over your fears in just a few broadcasts!


What's Inside


14 Videos, recorded live-stream style

The best way to trust that everything I tell you is valid and true is to see it for yourself. Instead of staging a fancy video set, I recorded 15 videos live stream style—no edits, no cuts, no "take two!" Just me, my smart phone, and a message.

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Written chapters that form a complete e-book

If you need to read it, underline it, highlight it, circle it, and otherwise grapple with it on paper in order to really take it in, you're in luck: I took the best parts of each video and wrote them out for you. You can read these inside the course or download them in PDF to form your own complete e-book.


Easy live stream assignments to ease you into the process

Everyone has to start somewhere! Each week you'll have a "short assignment" to practice live streaming for yourself. If you haven't started your business yet, you can still practice live streaming on a personal Periscope account. 


And if you care to receive feedback from the rest of the class, you can share your videos into the private Facebook group where I'll be checking in once each week to go deep on the content from one of the modules, answer questions, and offer tips to anyone who shares videos inside the group. 


What You'll Learn

Just to give you a quick idea of what you can expect to take away from the course, here are the names of all the lessons, in order!


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  • Welcome to Learn to Live Stream with Alexis the Greek!

  • Start with WHY

  • The 5 Most Important Parts of Broadcasting Live

  • Two Kinds of Live Streams: Stories vs. Messages

  • Getting In and Getting Out: How to Intro and Outro Your Bad Self

  • 4 Engagement Boosters Live Streamers Often Miss

  • Make It Look Good: 8 Tips for Success

  • Getting Over Butterflies: 3 Remedies to Try

  • Hooking Them In

  • 2 Formulas for Holding Their Attention

  • Dogs Bark, Babies Cry... How to Handle Unexpected Interruptions

  • Measuring Success

  • The Equipment Question

  • Coming Up with Inspiration: 6 Recipes You Can Use & Reuse for Success

  • BONUS: What's Your Story, Really? How to Connect with the Right Customers in a Real Way

You'll be able to take these lessons and apply them to your Facebook Live broadcasts, your
Instagram Live broadcasts, any webinars you host, your IGTV broadcasts, and even Facebook and Instagram Stories! Oh, and let's not forget YouTube Live, Periscope, and more...


How to Join
& What to Expect

When you click “Join the Class” below, you’ll be directed to add this course to a shopping cart (bonus: right now this course is ON SALE for more than 65% off!).

Once you make a purchase, you’ll receive an email containing digital files for download. You’ll need these to get your access credentials! The .zip file will also contain your supplemental materials.

From there, all you have to do is log in and, if you like, join the Facebook community, where you can test out topics, equipment, and content sharing strategies before you ever go live in public.

Sound good? Join now!

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For Whom Is This Class Designed?

Although I think any business owner would get a great deal out of this course, I believe it is particularly suited to wellness experts, educators, and lifestyle brands.

Live stream is so young, it's impossible to predict all the creative ways this medium will be used effectively in the coming years. We've already seen live stream used effectively in certain ways, and those ways have proved effective across several industries.

I touch on these and potential other ways it can be used in this course. Once you see how it has been used well, you'll almost certainly be inspired to use it in ways that are unique to your business, brand, and situation, and that's the whole idea!

Who is Alexis the Greek?

Hey! I'm Alexis, Alexis the Greek. I'm a website designer and brand photographer for artists, wellness brands, and independent restaurants. 

I use live stream in my business, and it rocks for connecting me with my best clients faster and more deeply. People get to hear my voice, see my enthusiasm for online strategy, and ask me questions in real time. I build trust with the right customers for my business, and send the wrong ones on their way.

My clients ask me all the time, "Should I be using video in my online strategy?" and my answer is almost always, "YES!"—but many never take my advice, and for a while I wondered why.

Then I realized it was simply a matter of obstacles—obstacles I could help others overcome because of my unique background and skill set. I hope you will join me in this course, and take your own business to the next level!



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