Alexis the Greek Photo Galleries

Lifestyle Photography:
Holly Pelletier Acupuncture


Holly launched her acupuncture clinic in 2016.

I've been her photographer since before it was official. I had the privilege of shooting the images for her website, and shortly thereafter she became one of my subscription clients.

Holly uses photos to keep her website fresh and her Instagram game strong. Although she is a local acupuncturist, she also teaches holistic health techniques globally through her blog. 99% of the photos that appear there were shot through Alexis the Greek.

This gallery is just a small peak into some of my favorite shots from over a year of working together!

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Blog Photography & Catalog Listings:
Adhesive Technologies


The guys at this Hot Glue Gun Company Wanted to reach their ideal clients better.

I was brought on to help with not only photography, but copy and social strategy as well. Together with the Director of Marketing and the Marketing Coordinator, we took the company's images from simple "stock" photos to images that their ideal client could imagine placing herself into: creating beautiful things that make life feel a little more breathable and easy. None of their competition was doing this yet, so I was excited to be part of the group to lead the charge!

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Food Photography:
Native Coffee + Kitchen


My love for third-wave coffee is strong.

So when I was invited to come on board for the launch of new third-wave coffee bar Native Coffee + Kitchen, I felt like a kid who had just found out she was going to Disney World. 

This coffee bar is also a breakfast and sandwich shop with a healthful, chef-inspired menu, so I got to shoot all kinds of food in addition to coffee drinks. Here's how they call came together on their website. 

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Beach Photography
(Lifestyle & Marketing Photography)


On a rainy morning in spring, I had to make a Maine beach look like Sunny Costa Rica.

We were freezing, we were wet. No one else would be awake for another two hours, and for miles around us we could see nothing but gray, drizzly skies. 

But it was our last chance to shoot the first wave of images for to promote a Costa Rican yoga retreat if we wanted to stick to the director's timeline, so we went forward with the shoot, anyway.

In the end, it was a blast. Rain isn't something you catch easily in photography unless your shutter speed is really high, so in post-processing I was able to fake a much sunnier look for these photos. There would be four more waves to come... on much clearer days that were easier to shoot!

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