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Are you a positive, driven creative who wants to change the world? How about a wellness brand focused on long-term transformation? Do you own an independent restaurant—one where both your chefs and your guests care more about the experience of gathering around the table than getting plates out fast or getting rich? Yes? Then keep scrolling!

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Bloggers, Creatives, & Artists

YOU CAN: Set yourself apart. Lose the "website shame." Charge what you're worth! Take yourself as seriously as you want the rest of the world to. Stop getting asked, "What's your Plan B?" Write your own schedule. Travel more. Sleep more. Love and eat and give more. It all starts here.


Chefs, Foodies, & Restauranteurs

Food is your craft—so make the rules on how your guests eat and interact when they're at your table. Serve both healthy and delicious (why should they be mutually exclusive?). Take your time preparing meals. Let travelers come from miles around just to taste a dish you made. Set the tone. Start online.

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Coaches, Consultants, & Yogis

GO FOR IT. Find connection. Make a living in a saturated market. Speak with your own voice. Make a difference. Transform your people. Build your tribe. Change the world. You can do it. You're stronger than you get credit for. Take it to the next level.