Sell Them What They Want,
Give Them What They Need

A Concise Guide to Improve Your Copy
and Increase Your Profits

In this downloadable handbook, you'll learn everything you need to write copy that turns strangers into customers. In just nine short chapters, you'll be able to:

• Avoid the most common mistakes small business owners make when writing their own copy
• Identify your brand voice in order to speak clearly to the kinds of customers you want
• Make everything you write hard to forget
• Write an amazing "About" summary for your website and press materials
• Get past your fear of writing cheesy CTAs (Calls to Action)—and instead write CTAs so smooth your target customers will think it's their idea to "Buy Now"
• Pare your content down to exactly what your ideal clients want to know and need to hear

This guide is essential for all business people who want to write their own copy, and was created specifically with online entrepreneurs, creatives, and freelancers in mind! 

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Pretty Workbook!

Designed to correspond to the chapters of Sell Them What They Want, Give Them What They Need, these worksheets are the perfect supplemental material to make the most out of your time inside the book. Available with purchase!  

Peek Inside!

Available on Amazon, the first edition of this book has a preview option that will allow you to get a flavor for the book before you commit to buy... but once you've read the preview, you're going to crave the rest!

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LIVE Reading

CTAs are where many DIY copywriters trip themselves up. Click here to watch a live reading of a portion of the CTA chapter in Sell Them What They Want, Give Them What They Need. It will give you confidence to write great CTAs!