London Fog

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London Fog

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London Fog is a versatile kit perfect for any business that wants an elegant but dynamic, easy-to-update website.


  • Elegant, retro-scrapbook details—A perfect balance of feminine and classic, the London Fog design can feel more modern and elegant, or more retro-chic based on which details you choose to implement on your site!

  • Scrolling testimonials—Update in one location, and all the places across your site where you display scrolling testimonials will update automatically!

  • Blogpost previews—Easily choose which posts to feature on the different previews across the site. This auto-populate feature will help your site with SEO!

View the live demo here and see the many versatile ways to display your images, and pre-create the experience of working with you!

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  • Photographers

  • Designers


  • Will this design work for me if I’m not a photographer?

    • Yes. Although the design was designed with photographers in mind, this design would also work exceptionally well for someone who blogs regularly, needs a way to showcase artwork or video content, or simply wishes to depict their business in a highly-visual way.

  • Do I need Photoshop?

    • Yes. You don’t need previous experience with Photoshop, as the tutorials walk you through setting up your Photoshop windows and how to use your Photoshop files, but you will need access to Photoshop for this design.

      A FREE TRIAL IS TOTALLY FINE. We have a recommended work-around inside for one Photoshop element you may want to access again after a free trial has expired. However, to achieve the exact design of London Fog, you will need a Photoshop trial or subscription for just a few days.

  • Which Squarespace plan is required for this design?

    • We always recommend a business plan, but if you’re not ready for that commitment, this design does only require a personal plan to get off the ground.

  • How hard is this design to set up?

    • On our difficulty-level scale at ATG, we rank London Fog 3 out of 5.

      Every website requires some legwork if you want it to look professional. We’ve included several intermediate-level design elements in London Fog to maximize impact on visitors, and these are not things you can simply upload with a zipped code file… meaning, you will have to do them yourself with the help of ATG tutorials; but these are very thorough and you shouldn’t have trouble if you are patient and follow the tutorials in order!

  • Will you install the template for me?

    • Email with your order number and receipt if you would like assistance with installing your web design kit. There will be an added cost, which we will happily send to you for your approval!


You will need…

  • access to Photoshop (tutorials included) to customize some aspects of this design

  • a Squarespace subscription (ATG recommends the business plan)