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How to Set Up
a Subscription Photography Business

NEW summer 2019! Discover how Alexis The Greek was able to start making money from day one, using a subscription model to book photography clients.

From finding clients to closing the sale, this 8-part seminar includes everything you need to know to get YOUR subscription business off the ground!

Web Design Kits - Coming back soon!

Want to be able to create the site of your dreams… without any knowledge of code?

Want to be able to update that site… any time you want?

Want a site that responds to the size of your screen, looks as pro as all your favorite influencer sites, and has the capacity to expand as your business scales?

A web design kit might be exactly what you need!


Squarespace Designer Intensive - Coming Back Soon!

This 2-day workshop is designed to help both those who haven’t launched their design businesses yet, and those who have launched a Squarespace design business that hasn’t quite gotten off the ground.

Whether it’s the business side that scares you, or the idea that you could ever really build an amazing website without knowledge of code, this intensive will turn your fear and doubt into fuel and fire!

This intensive is only open a handful of times each year, so hop on the list to hear about the next one!

Blog & Social Photography - Coming Back Soon!

Do you know how to create photos that stand out in the Instagram feed? Tell a cohesive story? Make visitors to your social accounts want to hit that “follow” button?

The Blog & Social Photography e-course covers both the creative and scientific sides of generating photo content that delights, surprises, connects, and converts.

Where a lot of other social courses focus on “doing it right,” this course will teach you to ignite your creative energy so you never run out of ideas!


DIY Copywriting Guide (with Exclusive Video)

Forget programs that cost $1000+ that you may never use. This copywriting guide is a book, workbook, and now short video that can help you up-level your copy for less than $30.

Connect with the right customers faster with this concise handbook, filled with chapters on everything from alliteration to brand-building to Calls to Action to email subject lines.

If you’ve ever thought your opt-in rates should be higher, your sales pages ought to be getting more traffic, and your revenue ought to be increasing faster, then Sell Them What They Want, Give Them What They Need is the book for you!

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