What is "Copy" and Why Do I Need It?

Copy is the text you put into your business materials. If we’re talking about your website, it’s your page titles, your sub-headings, the wording on all your buttons, and the paragraphs of information you hope your ideal clients will read all the way to the end.

As you might guess, your copy is integral to persuading visitors to your website to do whatever it is you want them to do while they’re there—hop on your email list, buy your jewelry, book a haircut, sign up for a free week at your gym, share your blog posts on Facebook, or show up to your next live performance. If you do your copy right, then those people are not only going to do that thing you want them to do—they’re also going to think it was their idea to do it.

Writing copy for yourself is hard, though. Writing the copy for this website was a giant task for me. It was almost impossible, frankly—I was too close to the project. Of course, writing is what I went to college for, so I made it work… but most people can’t do their own copywriting. 

Writing copy for other people, though—for me, that’s easy. It’s a breeze to be objective when I'm one step removed from the project. I can cut out the fluff—because, hey, it’s nothing personal!—and I can magnify the good stuff because it’s what’s interesting and because it’s what sold me

When you work with me as your copywriter, you’re going to get the truth. I won’t be a pushover when you want to use big, fancy industry jargon to show off how smart you are—because I care that potential new clients understand you and feel comfortable reaching out to you. I’m also going to give it to you straight if you want to include information that isn’t relevant or interesting. And I’m going to ask a lot of questions to make sure we represent you fairly and accurately and enticingly in your copy.

Together, we’re going to put together copy that causes people to get excited about working with you. And we’re going to tell your story so well that you’re going to want to hop on your own website every day just to read it again. 

You Choose!
How Will We Achieve Your Best Copy?


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