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Did you know? You can use your Squarespace account for more than just your website! Here’s how. | 3 Hacks to Keep Up with Influencers | Alexis the Greek

Did you know you can use your Squarespace account for more than housing your business information?

It’s true. While there are more and more apps, programs, and services coming out every day to help you “streamline” your business—most of which you have to pay for—you can often find that with a bit of ingenuity, you can make your Squarespace account work for you in the same ways.

Over the next few weeks, I want to share 3 ways I’ve “hacked” some of the top influencer tools we see used every day. Today, we’re starting with a way to create a FREE expandable link for your Instagram profile.

1 - Link Tree / Link In Profile

If you’re on Instagram, you know that the platform only allows you one clickable link, housed in your profile, for all the content you create there.* 

For brands and businesses, this has been very constricting, because for sponsored posts, fresh daily blog or video content, or multiple promotions happening at the same time, users have to log in constantly to update their one clickable link in order to match it to their latest post or offer.

However, depending on how much time you spend actually visiting other accounts on Instagram you may have noticed a couple third-party companies came out with services that Instagram users could subscribe to in order to circumvent this issue. Examples include Link Tree and Link In Profile—apps that allow Instagram users to utilize that one link for a pop-up window containing a variety of links, effectively transforming that one link into a mobile sidebar menu.

When these third-party apps came out, everyone who uses the platform daily for business had the same “Why didn’t I think of that?” moment. We all embraced the apps—until one of them got banned for violating Instagram’s terms and conditions. At the time, this resulted in everyone who used that particular service having broken links on their accounts for several hours, which for a lot of folks meant lost revenue.

Since then, most people have switched to the other service, so for the most part on the Instagram-user front, all is well. Still, to have an unlimited number of links in one of these apps, style the menu perfectly to your brand, and/or display the pop-up window without the third-party logos, you have to pay for a subscription.

All of this heartache—risk with using the apps, paying for yet another social service—can be avoided using Squarespace.

To create your own mobile sidebar menu just for Instagram, you can create either an Index or a page in the “Not Linked” area of your Pages panel, and entitle it “Instagram.” I personally recommend using just a page.

Add buttons for all the links you want to have in your Instagram profile (I center them). Even though you’re doing this on a desktop, it will work for mobile.

Finally, add the page URL (this should be to that one space you get for a link on Instagram. Voila—for no extra cost, you’ve created your own expandable “link in profile.”

Squarespace automatically makes all pages responsive for mobile devices, so your pop-up window will look perfect on every smartphone out there! An added bonus? Without any extra work, this menu ought to be perfectly styled to your brand.

One final perk I have to throw in: When Instagram visitors click this link, they’ll be going directly to your site instead of through another platform to get to your site. Not only is this good for your SEO, but if visitors want to click any of the options in your main nav and browse, there will be no extra tapping involved!

What are you waiting for? Create your own “link in profile” in less than 10 minutes, for no added cost, right now!

Want me to check it out? Once it’s loaded, snap a screenshot and post it to your Instagram stories with the tag @alexisthegreek, and the caption, “It worked!” I can’t wait to check it out!

*with a few exceptions made for accounts of 10K followers or more, such as the “Swipe Up” feature.

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