Holly Pelletier: Business Photos

The first shoot of the next five-week sprint was with Holly Pelletier, licensed acupuncturist. This is probably going to be an ongoing project, as Holly’s life and business are a whirlwind right now, and we could never even with the best technology in the world have gotten all the photography and web design she wanted done in a day.

I’m excited to be working with Holly, not only because she’s a ball of joy and enthusiasm, but because I truly believe in her passion for the career she’s chosen, I have full faith that she will succeed, and working with her to create her vision has already pulled me outside my comfort zone and expanded the reach of what I can do with a camera. Not to mention Holly’s photos are for a burgeoning business, which is my favorite kind of project.

These images were from the morning of our all-day shoot. It was my second shoot at a beach, a location which poses many challenges to a photographer, first and foremost being that beaches are wide-open spans of land that are usually blanketed in harsh sunlight. (Among the other challenges are: You have to fight with crowds to get clear, zen-like images; sand that gets into everything; water that gets into everything; and no convenient place for costume changes.) I was concerned that the morning half of our shoot would be a bust, but in the end, some of my favorite shots of the day came from this location in York, Maine.

While portraiture is often composed to be taller image than wide, mirroring the dimensions of the body, these images are going to be used on Holly’s website and many are designed to fit the width of the page. These images were to depict Holly as “blissful” and give humanity to her as a health and wellness practitioner. The other images on her website will include images of her office (the second part of this all-day shoot), as well as images of her working with clients.

Looking forward to sharing the next batch of photos soon—and soon after that, a completed website!

Alexis Paquette

Hi! My name is Alexis. I’m a web designer and photographer for creative professionals. While I’m based in New England, I travel and I accept work from all over the world from both small and international brands!