Senior Photo Season is Halfway Over!

Whew! I think I've lost track of the number of seniors I've met and photographed in the past three weeks. I've driven all over Maine and New Hampshire to every kind of beautiful location you can imagine, from wooded trails to picturesque farms, from beachfronts to downtown college campus main streets. It has been a blast.

But senior photo season is coming to a rapid end. One senior I met for portraits told me her yearbook deadline was October 10. Yikes! So I have two notes on that front:

One: If you or someone you know still needs senior photos done, book your session quick! Many photographers have a two-week turnaround, so if you want your photos to be in on time, make sure you not only have a date picked for photos, but a rain date, too, that's well within the timeframe you have to get your photos printed and to the committee. (For the record, turnaround with Alexis the Greek is 4-6 days, and can be less if you give me a heads-up!)

Two: It's time for me to start thinking ahead to the next season for my business. Right now, that means I'm looking for small businesses who would like cheap or free shoots to update their websites or beautify their social feeds. Know anyone in the market? Tell them to contact me ASAP! 

Perhaps even more exciting than this, though, is that I will finally be starting a business series on Periscope. If you are starting or dreaming of starting a business, then this series will be for you! I'll start dropping more details for that soon.

More to come...

Alexis Paquette

Hi! My name is Alexis. I’m a web designer and photographer for creative professionals. While I’m based in New England, I travel and I accept work from all over the world from both small and international brands!