A Week of Senior Portraits

What a busy week! Senior portrait season is in full swing, with yearbook deadlines in October and early November and the school year well underway. But Louise Grant would be happy. As she would say, "Why wait 'til the tan fades?"

Each shoot was at a different location and each senior was a privilege to work with. Rebekkah wanted her photos by the water, and her radiance made every one of her senior photos come out like a Neutrogena ad. We'd never met before but learned that we had mutual friends, which made the whole experience warmer. It was fun to learn about her college plans to study biospsychology and hear about her life as an equestrian. 

Also on the calendar this week was Emilie, who honestly should be a model for her absolute confidence in front of a camera. I barely had my settings ready before she began making sassy poses and flashing her perfect pearly whites. 

Emil (not the same as Emilie, though a weird coincidence that I would have two subjects with such similar names in the same week) was a treat. My first thought when I saw her approaching at the trails we agreed upon for her shoot was that she looked like a real, live flapper girl. This petite gem was both quiet and fierce. And charmingly candid. She said she's quite an aggressive driver owing to the fact that she's so small and having an SUV is a "power trip."

Emil's shoot was a little different, too, because she is drawn to sci-fi and ethereal things. I tried to make her photos a little mysterious for this reason... which she seemed to embrace, offering me demure, Mona-Lisa smiles and looking coy.

Still, I got a few genuine laughs out of her, which will be good because she'll have family and friends who will want some more traditional images.

In any event, with all the changing weather we've had this week, it was nice to have so many successful shoots. And I've got a bunch on the calendar for the coming week, too, in a whole new selection of locations. And this week we've got a guy on the books! Something to look forward to.

More to come!

Alexis Paquette

Hi! My name is Alexis. I’m a web designer and photographer for creative professionals. While I’m based in New England, I travel and I accept work from all over the world from both small and international brands!