The Beta Advantage

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A Free Class? What's the Catch?

This live stream class is packed with rich content. With over 5 hours of deep-dive video tutorials on marketing, public speaking, customer interaction and more, why give it away for free?

Frankly, I need guinea pigs!

I've combined my background of modeling and acting with a year of public speaking training and years of business study to build an effective live streaming method, and it really works for me

I truly believe it will work for you, too!

But of course, as with any new class or product, there will be kinks to work out. Free access to the first version of this e-course comes in exchange for weekly feedback in the form of surveys. You'll be evaluating everything from my email blasts to this sales page to the videos and written content!

Even if there are many kinks to work out, this course ought to get you thinking about how live stream can deeply impact your social strategy, as well as allow you to zero in on why some live streamers are captivating and others aren't.  

The goal is to come out of this course a savvier marketer for your business than ever before, whether live stream is the way you choose to go, or you decide on another form of video.

No matter what, you'll have access to the course for as long as it exists, so as it improves, even if one day it's worth $2000, you'll get every updated version and still pay $0. Pretty sweet deal!