Alexis the Photographer:
Business & Lifestyle Photography

Photos are possibly your fastest route to making your best first impression through your website, social platforms, and printed materials. And it goes the other way, too. If your photos don’t look like you take your business seriously, then no one else will take you seriously, either.

Want to know a trick? Your potential clients should never feel like they’re looking at photos when they’re looking at photos of your business. Instead, they should feel like they just got transported into a fantasy:

• Maybe the fantasy is meeting a lover in a cafe.

• Maybe it’s looking effortlessly like a supermodel in a chic new trenchcoat.

• Maybe it’s becoming strong enough to hoist a car with no more than two bare hands.

You can paint a fantasy with images. You can create such a tasty preview of what it’s like to work with you that people who never heard of you before they landed on your website crave to give you a chance. 

You can use photos to light up the pleasure centers in the brain, exciting new people to do business with you—and you can captivate them in an instant.

What does that mean? It means the photos on your website and social platforms should never show only inanimate objects—like the brand new awning over the front door of the restaurant or a plate of tiramisu. They shouldn’t be stagnant, either—like a mannequin or even a model standing unnaturally straight, looking the camera dead-on. And never, ever, ever should they obviously be working to sell anything.

You heard me. There’s actually a science to this. And the science is subtlety. Don’t try so hard. Or at least, don’t make the viewer have to try so hard to picture what it’s like to work with you, use your product, or benefit from your services.

There are dozens—if not hundreds—of nuances to creating the photographic breadcrumbs that will lead your next client from stranger to sale. And the nuances shift slightly from business to business, industry to industry.

You want someone to help you get it just right. Trust me.

Fortuitously, I love the challenge of telling a story in images. (It’s one of the reasons I studied screenwriting in college.) I’ve got one of those fancy cameras and I actually know how to use it. And—oh! That’s right!—I build websites for a living, so I also know how to orient, crop, and size images to match the flow of your online presence without bogging your website’s load time.

Want to work with me? ‘Cause I want to work with you!
Here are some of the options I offer:

Social Subscription Photography

When I was the general manager of a coffee shop that did more business than any coffee shop should outside of New York City, all I wanted was two or three hours each month to take photos for our social platforms, guilt-free. I knew the right social presence would bring in curious tourists and raving locals alike... but there were simply too many other pressing daily tasks and fires to put out for me to get those precious photo hours.

So when I decided to do business styling full-time, I knew one of the first things I had to offer was social subscription photography. For $200 monthly, I can come into your business, home office, or studio for up to 3 hours and guarantee 30 photos that are sized for your social platforms and branded for your visual identity. Learn more...

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Web Design Photography Add-On

If I'm designing your website, then there's a certain convenience to having me take the photos, too. We can get clear on the exact shots we need as we plot out your site map, and from there schedule the time to get them all done. This keeps you from having to play middleman between your web designer and photographer. As an added bonus, I'll know going into our shoots what the size and orientation of each image needs to be, saving time in the long haul. If I'm not available to get the job done alone, I have a list of Alexis-the-Greek-approved photographers to help me out while the cost of including photography in your web design stays flat. It streamlines communication and almost always saves you money. Request my e-brochure on web design and photography options.

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Hourly Photography

For those who aren't ready for a social subscription yet or are happy with their web design and just want to update their images online, I do have an hourly rate. 

I am more than proficient in natural portraiture, photojournalistic style, food photography, product photography, and more. If you're in need of fresh photos to make your "about" page sing, or you want luminous photos for your cooking blog, or you dream of a cohesive, branded Etsy shop, I am the photographer for you. 

My hourly rate is $200. A half-day is four hours for $450, and a full day is up to nine hours including a 30-minute meal break for $750. Book me here.