Alexis the Greek works with talented, New England-based creatives in the following areas as needed.
References and samples of previous work are required. Freelancers welcome.

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Graphic Design

Alexis the Greek works with experienced designers for logos and graphics on specific small-business projects. Send at least 3 samples of previous artwork to hello [at] for consideration to be added to my professional contact list.

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Alexis the Greek occasionally refers new businesses to New England videographers for commercials and company summary videos. Send your Vimeo account link or your website and portfolio to hello [at] for a possible reference.



Alexis the Greek both hires photographers for internal use and brings in photographers as second-shooters for large projects. Send a link to your portfolio or blog to hello [at] for possible consideration on future projects.


Reach Out Now

If you have a link where I can view your portfolio instantly, you can reach out right now by filling out the fields below. I'm always looking to build my network of creative professionals who specialize in helping businesses, and the more styles and flavors the better! So leave me your virtual business card by contacting me today.

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