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Alexis the Map Maker

Every great web design starts with the same basic elements—and one very important step,
which can often go overlooked:
Building a map.

A map is integral to a site's success, because not only does it guide where and how you use
all the tools at your disposal (photos, graphics, fonts, copy); it also provides a standard to measure
your site's effectiveness and success

If you know exactly what you want
visitors to do on your website, then you can narrow down
what content you put onto your site, as well as lay the breadcrumbs to guide visitors
where you want them to go

Work with me or DIY. I've got
two methods to ensure your website's success.

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Work with Me

This route ensures that you have an experienced professional by your side every step of the way. Together we will figure out what you want your site to do for your business, which brand elements to incorporate, what photos you'll need, and what your copy should say.

Starts at $850

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DIY Kits

A great option for the startup on a budget, or the artist who wants complete creative control, these kits include video tutorials and written instructions that not only help you make the most of the Squarespace platform, but also teach you how to use the elements of your website to ensure success.

Kits Approx. $149*

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Website Review Consultation

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