Alexis the Greek is a web designer, photographer, and copywriter in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Hello. My name is Alexis.

I’m a Maine-based business stylist and a coffee addict. I own about a thousand pairs of TOMS. I try to live a vegan life but sometimes I cave and eat Annie’s mac and cheese, or those milk-chocolate-covered graham crackers they sell at Starbucks. Somewhere inside me I know that life’s not perfect, but that doesn’t seem to stop me from trying to make everything I do the best I’ve ever done, whether it’s my makeup or wrapping Christmas gifts or building websites.

I launched Alexis the Greek the summer before my 30th birthday. My background was in coffee (if you’re wondering if I can draw a heart on top of your latte, the answer is yes). Leaving the industry was a big leap of faith. I didn’t know what was going to happen; I just knew I needed to make a change, and I needed to make it now—before I spent another ten years doing something that was always supposed to be temporary. Photography and web design were two things I knew how to do, and do well, and I really understood and cared about small business, so everything kind-of merged.

 Alexis the Greek is a web designer, photographer, and copywriter in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

When I opened up myself to the possibility of doing something new, two amazing things happened: First, I started getting work. Real work. I didn’t expect it to happen right away, but it did. First photography gigs, and from there, web design gigs. But secondly, I found myself reconnecting with a creative part of myself I’d been missing for a long time. I’d always been an artist—coffee had been a detour. Now I’m back on the right road for me, my workday flies by, and the best part of it is I get to help other people do what I’m doing—chase that thing that keeps them alive. And it's awesome.

When I’m not taking photos or building websites, you can often find me hanging out at Barnes & Noble, binge-watching Gilmore Girls, reading Harry Potter for the thousandth time, or trying recipes I found on Pinterest.

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 Alexis the Greek is a web designer, photographer, and copywriter in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Somehow, along my various creative pursuits and the demands of my different coffee jobs, I learned how to do almost all of the essential tasks in creating beautiful, functional websites:


• As a child, I always chose elective classes in art and design, which gave me an understanding of visual layout and flow

I was a model as a teenager, which taught me quite a bit about selling a product or idea through an image

• I studied English in college and learned all kinds of writing techniques that I could use to market and persuade

• As a member of the MySpace generation, I gained a foundational knowledge of code, which I then expanded and used to create unique, personalized sites elsewhere for me and my friends

I became fascinated with photography in my mid-twenties and took a broad range of photography

courses over three years, resulting in freelance work that allowed me to travel and gain experience

• Managing a third-wave coffee shop and bakery owned by a cutting-edge restaurant company, I got to take many business management and psychology workshops that taught me valuable business and marketing principles

• As the offspring of two separate business owners, and with numerous friends who took leaps of faith right out of school, I was always inclined to start my own company, and devoured books and opportunities to learn more about business

Basically everything in my journey led me here, a career that lends itself to all the kinds of creative, technical, and business-related tasks my heart already thrives to do.


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Today, what I do is help small businesses and startups get ahead online. I know how to pull together all kinds of different elements to create a website that is unique, functional, and beautiful. I work specifically with small operations because there's something exciting and personal about fortifying an individual, small group, or family to make a living doing something that brings them joy. I just can't get that working with titan companies that are known for a logo and not for a face.

The websites I put together are also easy to maintain once they are up and running. Nothing is worse (for all parties involved) than a website that needs to be managed at a distance, when what you really need is something you can add images to on the regular, or rewrite whenever there is a specials change, or add a promotion to for a holiday event. So I make sure that what I create is something you can modify easily without knowledge of code or design. That way your site can grow with your business, and allow your business to grow at the pace you decide.


 Alexis the Greek is a web designer, photographer, and copywriter in Portsmouth, New Hampshire
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Complete Designs & Site-Mapping

I can work with you to rebuild an outdated site, build a site from the ground up, or consult on a site that's not quite right yet. I can do a basic skeleton for your site if you already have a photographer and/or a copywriter, or we can work as a team and get it all done together.

Yes, please. Sign me up!


Whether you have a site that needs some fresher text or you want to add this service to a site I design for you, I will be super jazzed to help you find the details of you and your business that will generate the most intrigue, as well as craft a site funnel to move visitors through to the action you want them to take.

Sounds like just what I need!

Business Photography

Nothing determines faster whether a new visitor to your site will stick around or bounce than your photos. Quality images that tell a compelling story are key to engagement and easy navigation on a website. I take photography assignments with and without having the complete web design project. I also do social subscription photography.

Let's do this!